Hip Hop & R’n’B

A playlist of New Zealand hip hop and R’n’B music, including contemporary and classic tracks.

Curated by DJ Manchoo • 7 May 2016

Curated by

Mike Andzue AKA DJ Manchoo of Flava

Mike Andzue, AKA DJ Manchoo, is a local and internationally renowned DJ of 17 years. As one of the most sought-after DJs in New Zealand and Australia, his musical accolades include being the 2003 NZ IT DJ Champion as well as the 2004 NZ DMC DJ Champion.

As well as being a master turntablist, club DJ and an avid publisher of mixtapes, Mike is currently the music and imaging director at Flava, where he has been based for 10 years. This experience has culminated in an extensive knowledge of local artists and the NZ music scene.

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