Rock & Metal

A playlist of some of the finest New Zealand rock, metal and punk music.

Curated by Tom Larkin • 14 Mar 2016

Curated by

Tom Larkin

With a career spanning more than 25 years, Tom Larkin knows what it takes to be a successful Rock musician.  
He was the founding member of Shihad and since the band formed in 1998 they've had 26 charting singles - the most for any NZ artist/band. With Shihad, Tom has played drums around the world and shared stages with the likes of AC/DC, Tool, Metallica and Black Sabbath.

Tom is also the founder of Homesurgery - a Trans-Tasman artist development agency through which he has helped to develop, record and produce acts such as Villainy, Cairo Knife Fight, Alien Weaponry, King Cannons and more. 
Shihad is still going strong and even while running his own recording studio and Homesurgery, Tom is keen to get more awesome NZ Rock into more ears. 

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